What's Next? 

Our Expectations

Step 1: Submit your full name, address, date of birth, and email address to emailus@sflncs.com and I will register you to complete the remainder of the process.


Step 2: You will need a copy of your ID and a utility bill to upload in your portal. Please keep your login information confidential. Sign your electronic signature and agreement to commence, and follow the link to register for the credit monitoring system. Please make sure your username and password is updated on the portal as this is how I will be able to pull your report.

Step 3: You're going to need a credit monitoring system that is accurate in reporting your scores as they change, this will also assist in getting your credit analysis ready and emailed to you. We use My Free Score Now to complete your analysis, the first 7 days are a FREE trial. If you choose to continue with the service, which I recommend, it will be no more than $30/month and you can cancel anytime. (You can register for this AFTER you have uploaded your information through the portal.)

The link you will receive via email will give you access to the portal to not only check your account as a client, but also as an affiliate. You may have 2 different logins if you are registered as an affiliate as well. Affiliates receive $50 for each referral that is enrolled. 

Any questions? Call or email me at:



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