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If you are interested in purchasing a trade line, please submit your request to the left. NOTE: Trade lines are to assist you with managing your debt to income ratio in terms of obtaining approval for loans and new lines of credit. They are to be used for a temporary period of time and do expire. These lines are vetted, private, and have limited space. They are also with reputable banks such as American Express, CapitalOne, Chase, etc. 

Your information is only provided to these companies after a thorough review of yourself and the individual agreeing to add you to their account. Your  personal information will never be shared with the other party. This method is based on a system of trust so no one's identity is disclosed, except for the name of the additional card holder (i.e. you).  

Terms are available for 4 months and 12 months only ranging from $200 to $1,500, depending on the line of credit and account tenure. Payment for tradelines are accepted via  ApplePay, Zelle, and CashApp ONLY. Please DO NOT send payment until you have received confirmation to continue with payment instructions.

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